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Font Licensing


Definition of font license types:

Desktop: A desktop license is the most common license and covers most commercial font usage. You can create commercial products (worksheets, books, logos, signs, etc.) Products may be sold for profit as long as the letters are not the main selling point of your product (for example, bulletin board font, letter cut-outs, poster with just the letter etc). This license is limited by “users,” usually the total number of people using the font. Embedding fonts is not allowed with this license with a few exceptions (such as a PDF documents not intended for commercial resale).

Web: A web font license allows you to embed font files into your CSS code. When a user accesses your website, their web browser will automatically download your embedded fonts temporarily for them to use. Web font licenses are limited by monthly “pageviews”, which is a unit used to measure traffic to your web pages. The total pageviews per month of all your websites must be less than the pageview limit you purchased. Limits can be upgraded later.

Ebook: An ebook license allows you to embed the font files in your ebook code allowing you to use the typography in your ebooks with only a small cost in file sizes. Ebook licenses are limited by “ebook titles”, but one license covers unlimited platforms, sales and upgrades.

Application: An application license allows you to embed the font files in your application code. This minimizes the need for images and allows your app to have more versatility and speed. Application licenses are limited by “Monthly Active Users” but one license covers unlimited apps, platforms, sales and upgrades.

Once you click the BUY NOW button you can input the amount you are paying for the license you wish to purchase.

Click on the button below to download the full license terms.

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