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This is an extended font license for commercial use in products beyond TPT (and similar digital product platforms) such as printed books, merchandise, logos, etc.


This applies to most of my font families but NOT any fonts in the Green Means Go Family.


Attribution is not required but appreciated with this license.


**Please note - this purchase does not include any font files.
You must also purchase the font or illustrations you will be using. This is an add-on licensing fee.**



• Use the font for one user on multiple computers/devices.

• Sell hard products using the font on the product (t-shirts, mugs, books, etc.)

• Use the font in a logo, graphic, or other advertisement.



• This license does NOT permit you to share the font file with your customers.

• This license does NOT permit multiple users.

• Claim the font is your own work.

• Redistribute or sell the font in any way.

• Use the font in a customer-interactive product without purchasing a higher-use license. (For example, an editing website that allows users to use the font on worksheets/printables etc.)

• Create a font derived from the font (including Android, iOS, Embroidery, etc.)

• Use the font in an app. (additional license required)

• Use the font as an embedded webfont. (additional license required)

Extended Font License

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