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Welcome to Green Means Go!

If you are new to this font it is my best-selling color font that is intended to help young learners succeed in letter formation. This set is the animated version of the font and can be used with the provided PowerPoint slides, Google slides or by using the independent GIF files in your own lessons!


The full uppercase and lowercase alphabet, numbers and punctuation are included in FOUR styles:

  • lined looped
  • unlined looped
  • lined no loop
  • unlined no loop


What is included:

  • Directions
  • A brief script to introduce the parts of the font such as the dots and arrows and colors.
  • PowerPoint Files (4 versions)
  • Links to Google Slides (4 versions)
  • GIF files (looped and no loop)


Alternate Options included for:

  • capital I
  • capital M
  • capital J
  • capital R
  • capital Y
  • lowercase h
  • lowercase p
  • lowercase k
  • lowercase q (2 options)
  • lowercase y
  • lowercase l
  • lowercase t
  • number 1
  • number 4
  • number 5
  • number 7
  • number 9




This product is permitted for SINGLE USE CLASSROOM ONLY. It is not permitted to be used in ANY commercial products for resale. Any additional user needs to purchase their own license.

Green Means Go Animated GIFs, PowerPoints and Google Slides Lesson Plan

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