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Learning Names has never been so fun or easy! Students love to see their names and keeping them engaged while learning their names is now as easy as 1, 2, 3! In less than two minutes you could have over 200 pages of customized activities for your students!


Simply type in your students names and the first letter of their name ONE TIME and just like that all 10 activities populate with their names, first letters AND clipart to match their first letter like MAGIC!


Perfect for preschool or kindergarten!


Keep in a book for your young learners to refer back to time and again and as a fun keepsake for parents!


Using many of my own custom fonts I have created 10 unique printable activity pages!



  • My Name Is: tracing page and clipart matching the first letter
  • Type My Name: typing page with their name and the words of the matching clipart!
  • Same As Me: tracing and searching for clipart that matches their first letter
  • Weekly Practice: progress tracking sheet
  • All About Me: box activity, counting letters, self-portrait, writing practice
  • Blocks & Dough: their names in my build it up block font and play dough font
  • Name Maze: maze activity to get their name "home"
  • Build My Name: using my Cut It Out font to practice fine motor skills too!
  • Trace My Name: my best-selling Letter Formation Fun Font - great for laminating for repeated practice!
  • Dot My Name: fun q-tip painting practice!


Instructions are included as well as a how-to video, also seen in the video preview. Pictures of each activity in use is also included! There is a master document with all 10 activities as well as each individual activity in its own PDF to truly provide you with custom options!



  • You MUST use Adobe Acrobat - most important thing to remember! It is FREE, as always, and there is a link to download included as usual.
  • This product uses my own custom fonts and they are embedded so you do not need to download any additional fonts - they will appear like magic when you type in your student's names.

Name Activities Fillable and Editable

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