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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0

"This font is AMAZING and just what I needed. I was able to make practice sheets for students with names, sight words, and other vocabulary."


A useful box font for creating worksheets or spelling practice!


Easily type empty boxes on activities and worksheets for young learners to fill in with the appropriate letters.


OTF Format. (OpenType)

TTF Format. (TrueType)


**You will need to know how to install fonts on your specific computer system.


Provided in both tight and loose formatting


Includes SPANISH and FRENCH accented letter boxes!


What teachers are saying:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0

"I had been making boxes like this on my resources, and coming across this font was a LIFE SAVER! Probably the most convenient font ever created. Thank you for this great resource."


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0

"I continue to love using this font. I loved working with it in a way to alow the students to have a bit of help figuring out the answers to my questions. Thank you for your creation."


Block Font - Learn to spell writing font - Box Font



You may use the fonts you purchase in my store for any personal project and some commercial projects - as described in the FULL TERMS OF USE. If commercial projects credit/attribution is REQUIRED along with the provided logo. You can use them online in blogs as well with credit/attribution and logo.

You may NOT use the font to create products that are ONLY the font as the main element, they must be used in a worksheet or activity. (For example, a task card with ONLY the font is not allowed. It must be part of a larger design.)

You may never resell or redistribute my fonts and if you would like to share this resources with another teacher, please purchase an additional license.



  • Use the font for one user on multiple computers/devices.
  • Embed the font into an editable teaching product for resale as long as it is not the MAIN part of the product.
  • Sell digital products using the font on the product as long as the font is not the MAIN item in the product. Example - you cannot create tracing sheets where the font is the only thing on the page. You cannot create alphabet posters where the font is the MAIN item for resale. You can create these for personal use.
  • Sell hard goods as long as the hard goods are not over 10,000 units. Anything over that would need to be negotiated with an individual contract.


  • Claim the font is your own work.
  • Redistribute or sell the font in any way.
  • Use the font in a customer-interactive product without purchasing a higher-use license.
  • Create a font derived from the font (including Android, iOS, Embroidery, etc…)
  • Use the font in an app. (Additional license necessary)
  • Use the font as an embedded webfont. (Additional license necessary)
  • Embed the font in an editable product that is sold for commercial use.
  • This license may not be sold, licensed, transferred, or leased in any manner.


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