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How to Create a Super Fun Super Cool Super Mom Mother's Day Book!

Mom's love those keepsakes that come home from school, especially in elementary school! I know I do! I keep them all! And I have two boys who love the Mother's Day activities that appeal to them as well and super heroes definitely appeal to them!

This super easily prepped activity writing book for early elementary school students allows them to practice their creative writing skills while also making an awesome keepsake for their moms.

The packet comes in two sizes, full letter size and half page size that can be printed on the front and back of the page, saving paper and ink!

The files can be found HERE.

I chose to do the half page size and printed it on this great affordable card stock from Amazon.

Coloring the cover is also an awesome way for the students to customize their book by giving color to their vision of their super mom!

Here is how to assemble the front and back page print option.

Fold each page prior to assembling.

Then lay the cover page facing down on the table. Put page 1/2 with page 1 facing down on top of the cover. Then put page 3/4 with page 3 facing down on top of page 2. Page 4 (the comic strip) should be your centerfold of your book. Staple sideways in two spots on the center of the book going all the way through. Or cut thin holes and thread a ribbon through. I went with the easy staple option.


Now the kids can color and write and create and end up with a complete adorable book for mom!

Get the files HERE!

Or pin it to come back later with this image:

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