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Drug and Alcohol Awareness Education

Did you know that September is National Drug and Alcohol Addiction month? Have you heard of Ribbon Week which takes place this year from October 23-31st and focuses on drug, tobacco, alcohol, and violence prevention and awareness? Do you acknowledge these campaigns in your school or classroom? I’m guessing a lot of schools don’t do so. Talking to young children about big topics such as drugs and alcohol can be difficult, awkward and often uncomfortable. But just because something is difficult doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.

In order to help teachers feel empowered, comfortable and confident talking about these topics with their students I have created this drug and alcohol unit bundle that includes lesson plans, activities, and bulletin board ideas perfect for kindergarten through 3rd grade classes! It’s a great resource for classroom teachers, health teachers, and/or school counselors.

You don’t have to spend time creating lessons or deciding on content. The bundle includes a PowerPoint presentation with 20 slides that are intended to introduce the unit and provide prompts for whole class discussions. There is also a booklet in two differentiated levels, 14 activities in differentiated levels, a coloring page pledge you can customize with your class names and more!

Also included is this Red Ribbon activity that’s perfect for your October bulletin board! Students can customize the posters, add their own thoughts and images, as well as color. You simply print the headings and icons provided on astrobright paper and you’ve got yourself a Ribbon Week Bulletin Board or hallway display.

Finally, celebrate the culmination of your unit with brag tags, an original poem, drug free pledge poster, pledge cards and customizable certificates for each student!

I hope this bundle will help you see that the topic of drugs and alcohol doesn’t have to be something you shy away from in your classroom. With the right information, resources and activities it can be simple and fun, while at the same time informative and impactful!

You can grab all of these activities HERE!

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