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Back to School Student Gifts Made Simple!

We all know first impressions are SO important! That’s why you spend hours upon hours preparing your classroom for the first day of school. Desks and tables are perfectly arranged, the classroom library is immaculately organized, bins are labeled and pencils are sharpened! You create a warm and welcoming environment so your students and their families can feel great about having you as their teacher!

Recently, I have seen teachers giving students a small “back to school” gift. My son’s teacher gave him one last year and initially I had mixed feelings about it. Was this just one more thing for teachers to add to their to-do list? Some sort of Pinterest trend they felt obligated to do? On the other hand, I thought it was a really kind gesture and one that made me think the teacher was really on top of her game! And of course it made my son SUPER excited! He bragged to all of us that he DEFINITELY had the best teacher in the school!

So I decided that for the start of this school year I would create a product to help make this small but meaningful gesture super easy for teachers to do. Today I’m excited to share with you the back to school editable gift tags I have created!

These back to school editable labels are included in both color & ink-friendly black and white. They are editable with Adobe Acrobat (a FREE download if you don't have it), providing a simple way to create a visually stunning personalized tag.

10 tag designs are included so you have choice in the type of little gift you want to give. You can also change them up from year to year!

I hope these adorable tags will provide a quick and easy way for you to make a lasting first impression. I know your lucky students and their families will appreciate it!

You can grab them HERE!

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