How to Create a Super Fun Super Cool Super Mom Mother's Day Book!

Mom's love those keepsakes that come home from school, especially in elementary school! I know I do! I keep them all! And I have two boys who love the Mother's Day activities that appeal to them as well and super heroes definitely appeal to them! This super easily prepped activity writing book for early elementary school students allows them to practice their creative writing skills while also making an awesome keepsake for their moms. The packet comes in two sizes, full letter size and half page size that can be printed on the front and back of the page, saving paper and ink! The files can be found HERE. I chose to do the half page size and printed it on this great affordable card stock fro

How to Give the Perfect End of Year Student Awards they Will Remember

It's almost the end of another school year! Time is flying! A great way to help your students always remember their time in elementary school is a end-of-year superlative award. Personal and touching, these are always a big win with any grade. I loved making this set of awards, with input from my two favorite elementary school students, my sons. They always look forward to getting their superlative award at the end of the year from their teachers. I also designed matching bookmarks so that you could choose to just give a bookmark with the superlative award or to give both! You can get your set of superlative award already customized with the grade seal on the award page in my store by CLICKI

How to Make Your Own Awesome Teacher Toolbox & Drawer Labels

Who doesn't love organization? But what about organization in style? Even better! I am not a naturally organized person. I make lists, lots of lists to try to help stay organized. When it comes to organizing STUFF, I need motivation. I find making things visually appealing motivates me to keep things sorted. So I made labels for the toolbox I confiscated from my husband for my office and for Sterilite drawers to keep things filed without much effort. I love making things for teachers I went ahead and adapted the labels I made in two different styles for teachers to use. You can pick these up in my TPT store here or you can make your own! My husband has a lot of tools and toolboxes so when I

Why You NEED a Logo

Do you have a new business? Etsy shop? TPT store? Online consulting service? Basically any product or service that you are going to need to represent yourself in some way to the outside world? Then you NEED a logo. I have been a graphic designer for a couple decades, first at Disney Animation and for the last decade with my own company. I have done thousands of logos and it is always the hardest project to do by far. Why? Because it is the beginning, the birth, the very first impression someone's company is going to make. There is nothing but a blank screen to fill, no font has been chosen, no color palette to build on, nothing. My clients have often expressed surprise at how difficult they

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