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How to Make Your Own Awesome Teacher Toolbox & Drawer Labels

Teacher Toolbox Labels

Who doesn't love organization? But what about organization in style? Even better!

I am not a naturally organized person. I make lists, lots of lists to try to help stay organized. When it comes to organizing STUFF, I need motivation. I find making things visually appealing motivates me to keep things sorted.

So I made labels for the toolbox I confiscated from my husband for my office and for Sterilite drawers to keep things filed without much effort.

I love making things for teachers I went ahead and adapted the labels I made in two different styles for teachers to use. You can pick these up in my TPT store here or you can make your own!

My husband has a lot of tools and toolboxes so when I wanted to try and make my own for my office I didn't have to look far. I just took one of his that wasn't getting much use. This is the one he had full of nails and screws but I had better plans for it! He got it here in case you want to use the same one.

I emptied it and cleaned it well and then measured the drawer fronts and got to work. I went for a fun retro themed design for my first layout and liked that one a lot but I have a special love of designing things to incorporate the chalkboard effect. So after the retro designs were done I decided to try the chalkboard design style and had a lot of fun doing that set which is the one I ended up using.

Retro style toolbox

Once I designed the labels I just printed them out on cardstock and laminated them (who doesn't love a laminator?) and then cut them out and used double sided sticky tape to attach them to the drawers.

From there I got to organizing and actually enjoyed sorting everything - which was a first!

From there I knew I wanted to make more matching labels so I measured the front of my Sterilite drawers and reworked my toolbox labels to match that size and decorated them for various things in my drawers.

If you want to grab either of the label sets I made they are available HERE.

Have fun organizing!

If you want a FREE sample of my labels so you can see what I did you can get that HERE.

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