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Learning Letters Font

My letter learning font has Spanish and French characters as well as a couple alternate options for certain letters! Check out the full alphabet below including the special characters AND alternate options.

Use this learning letter font to create a wide variety of activities for young learners! From sight words, to spelling, to alphabet learning and more, the possibilities are endless!

The full uppercase and lowercase alphabet is included in both lined and regular styles.

SPANISH and FRENCH characters are also included!

In addition, I have added these alternate font versions:

  • straight lined lowercase "q"

  • slanted uppercase Y and lowercase k with middle centered

Please let me know if you would like to see another alternate version with a different letter shape!

OTF format (OpenType) and TrueType format included. You will need to know which one is better and how to install fonts on your specific computer. If you don't, please ask someone familiar with your specific computer as I am unable troubleshoot for every one on installing fonts. Thank you!

You can grab the font HERE!

Or Pin for later:


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