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How to Give the Perfect End of Year Student Awards they Will Remember

It's almost the end of another school year! Time is flying! A great way to help your students always remember their time in elementary school is a end-of-year superlative award. Personal and touching, these are always a big win with any grade.

I loved making this set of awards, with input from my two favorite elementary school students, my sons. They always look forward to getting their superlative award at the end of the year from their teachers. I also designed matching bookmarks so that you could choose to just give a bookmark with the superlative award or to give both!

You can get your set of superlative award already customized with the grade seal on the award page in my store by CLICKING HERE.

I made these awards available in PDF format as well as PowerPoint so that you can customize them before you even print them out if you prefer!

The two files make it incredibly easy to be ready for the end of the year celebrations! There are 30 unique awards to choose from, each with a famous quote to go with the topic as well as decorated to match the topic.

If you choose to use the PowerPoint file to customize before printing, its as easy as adding text boxes and picking a fun font, even for your signature! Just choose a scripty font and avoid having to do any writing at all! Just PRINT and GO!

If you have any specific award you think is missing from the set, please email me!

Your students will cherish these awesome awards for years to come!

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