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Tailwind Tribes - How to Find the Right Ones

So you have joined Tailwind to help boost your Pinterest account to new heights? Congrats! So now to find your people. Your tribes. That is proving to be the more difficult part.

Haven't heard of tribes? Not to worry. Tribes are Tailwind's fairly new and awesome place where you can hopefully obtain quality pins for your various boards that are engaging to your followers. To find the tribes section of your Tailwind account just logon and click on the left slide out bar and you will see the TRIBES category. You will also see the word ALPHA. This is because tribes are in the testing phase and free to anyone who wants to utilize them!

The best thing about tribes is that it helps bring the content you are looking for to populate your Pinterest boards right to you! And, just as importantly, your quality content directly to others for them to share on their boards!

Tailwind Tribe Invitation to TPT Products by Print Designs by Kris

Joining a tribe is super easy! All you have to do is click the invitation link and then click the green button (shown) to join the fun. Finding the tribes is the not as easy part and takes some trial and error. Keep searching. Find your niche. Find your tribe. It will be worth it!

I am currently using Tailwind tribes for my TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) store. You are welcome to join my brand new tribe if that subject matches your interests:

Another great thing about getting into Tailwind tribes now is its early! So START your own tribe! Be bold! Its easy! Just click on the "Start a Tribe" button at the top right of the Tailwind tribes screen.

If you have a tribe and would like me to add it to this post, just send me a note with the invitation link found when you click on the "add tribe members" green tab down on the lower left of your tribe dashboard.

Here are some links I have found helpful in finding some tribes to join:

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