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Create an Authentic Restaurant Play Space for Your Future Cooks

I had way too much fun designing this dramatic play set for a grill restaurant!

The files can be found HERE.

Dramatic play is so important to little mind's development! This restaurant dramatic play activity allows your students to practice their reading and math skills as well as their social interactions with each other.

The files for the menus, signs and anything you intend to laminate and keep for years to come can be printed it on this great affordable card stock from Amazon.

Gather restaurant supplies from toy kitchen donations, garage sales, wherever you can get some toy food, tableclothes etc. The most important elements to make dramatic play feel authentic are the printables, signs, supplies. I have hopefully made that part super easy for you! If you see something missing from the printables set, please let me know.

There is an OPEN and CLOSED sign to let the children indicate when they are ready for customers. This is a good sign to print two-sided. A great way to hang that is to punch a hole in the top corners and tie a string through so that the students can simply hang it on a hook.

There are table numbers to decorate the tables with. Grill and Dessert menus are provided for the students to chose from. Also included are job tags for each of the participants to wear. An easy way to do that is to punch holes in the top of the tags and wear like a lanyard.

Here are some great hooks as an option. Can you tell I love Amazon? I get everything there. Its an addiction!

Also included are order forms for the waiter or waitress to use to take the customers order, providing both math and reading practice.

The banner is a fun way to announce the theme to the class! Hang it up the night before you introduce the restaurant dramatic play area and have the materials laminated and ready to go! Your class will be super excited to jump right in and play without ever realizing how much they are learning!

Get the files HERE!

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