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How to Customize Your Meet the Teacher Handout for Back to School Night

Back to school is a busy time!

Check one thing off your list with this easy Meet the Teacher flyer or brochure. Files can be found HERE.

You will need PowerPoint to open and edit the files. Follow the super easy steps below to customize your flyer.

1. Choose the flyer OR brochure file to open.

2. Once they are open you will see that there are two versions, one allowing more editing of the headers and one with the headers flattened. Choose which you prefer to customize.

3. If you work with the version with the flattened headers then you simply need to click on the text boxes that are already in place for you. (See below.) If you already have the font that was used then you are good to go, if you do not, the font name is in the text box but you can also choose any font that you prefer. If you choose to use the version with the editable headers then you follow the same steps, click on the text box and type in your own text.

4. To update the images included, you just need to click on the image you are ready to update with your own image and click on the "replace" button under "picture." Or you can simply delete the current image and add your own under "Insert" and then "Picture..." and then choose the image you want to add. (See below.)

5. Save and Print!

6. If you choose to use the brochure file then this is how it is intended to fold. (See below.)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you.

Get your newsletter and brochure files HERE.

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